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Living In Place is the only positive solution to all homes safe - comfortable - accessible, for everyone, through education and collaborative networking events. Go beyond simple aging in place and universal design.

The Living In Place Institute has created a vision of, "All Homes, Safe - Comfortable - Accessible."

To reach this simple but profound vision is the mission of the Living In Place Institute. As the only producer and provider of education and recognition for professionals across all segments of the built environment, Living In Place is now recognized as a movement from within the industry.

Living In Place professionals are now learning and working together to develop safer home designs and products that meet the needs of all residents and visitors in every home while supporting their own business needs.

At the core of Living In Place Institute education are three training programs, or what are called, "The PIllars of Living In Place." Each Pillar, or education program, is designed to meet the needs of the specified professional groups and encourage collaboration among all other Living In Place Professionals. The core principles are the same, just the specific information is tailored to meet the needs of each Pillar.

This site is dedicated to education for professionals for modifying and building all homes to be accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone.   
If you are a homeowner, read more on this site and then, using the "Find a Professional" tab above contact these unique, caring and internationally recognized experts to help you and your loved ones continue to Live In Place while enhancing the beauty, comfort, and value of your cherished home.

Our work is to help all professionals in design, building, contracting, medical and non-medical care, real estate, home inspections, financing, manufacturing, etc., learn their respective responsibilities and roles as they work together to improve designs and products in every home. 

As you read these pages, think of how you can help all your clients and their families continue to live safely and comfortably at home, and allow their family and friends to visit safely. 

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