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The Living In Place Institute creates a worldwide network of professionals working together to make all homes Safe - Healthy - Comfortable, for everyone, through professional education and awareness.

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- Education Programs -
Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) Overall design, management, and major elements
Living In Place Associate (LIPA)  Create & supply products, and support services
Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS) Install products and designs

Join the growing international network of professionals credentialed by the Living In Place Institute.

These are the professionals who represent and guide the future of home design.

They incorporate the best principles of universal design, aging-in-place, multi-generational living, wellness, and accessibility.

As a recent graduate said, "It is just the right thing to do."

Certified Living In Place Professionaltm (CLIPPtm) graduates include architects, home builders, home remodelers, contractors, kitchen & bath, and interior designers who have learned how to design, build, and remodel homes for people of all abilities. Medical professionals, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, and caregivers learn how to assist their clients in modifying their homes to reflect their accessibility needs and work directly with housing professionals.  Just announced! Become a Certified Living in Place Professional! Click HERE to learn more.

Living In Place Associatestm (LIPAtm) include real estate, finance, legal, product manufacturers and suppliers, all learn how to network and bring solutions to every home, for all needs and ages, now and for the future.

Home & Accessibility Trade Speciaiststm (HATStm) are the professionals who work in homes every day to bring designs to life and to support both the CLIPP and LIPA team members.


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This site is dedicated to the rapidly growing Global Network of trained professionals who build and modify all homes to be Safe - Healthy - Comfortable, for everyone.

If you are a homeowner, read more on this site, then, using the "Find a Professional" tab above, contact these unique, caring, and internationally recognized experts to help you and your loved ones continue to Live In Place while enhancing the beauty, comfort, and value of your cherished home. 

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