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This site is dedicated to education for professionals for modifying and building all homes to be accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone.   
If you are a homeowner, read more on this site and then, using the above "Find a Professional," contact these unique, caring and internationally recognized experts to help you and your loved ones.

Our work is to help all professionals in design, contracting, medical and non-medical care, real estate, home inspections, financing, manufacturing, etc., learn their respective roles and responsibility, and how to work together to improve designs and products in every home. 

The solution for safer homes started with understanding the principles of universal design, grew into the limited market approach of aging in place, and has now evolved into a complete approach of simply make all homes safer, "Without Talking About IT!".

As you read these pages, think of how you can help your clients help themselves, their familiy, and friends who visit, continue living and visiting in their home with dignity, and be proud of their beautiful home. 

The kitchen & bath industry is estimated to be $150 billion per year. Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine recognizes the top 50 top innovators whose work, creative talents, business acumen, and professionalism are currently leading the way for the industry and elevating the kitchen and bath trade.

In the three years since this recognition program was created, 21 Certified Living In Place Professionals (CLIPP) have been recognized, In 2019, over 1 in 5 of those recognized are CLIPP graduates, including the co-founders of the Living In Place Institute.

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Did You Know?

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults.

Every two weeks a child dies in the US because of a piece of furniture or TV fell on them at home.

ALL HOMES should be safe for ALL AGES!

What is CLIPP™?

CLIPP™ stands for Certified Living In Place Professional.

CLIPP in not just for those who are older or have disabilities, but for all homes.

This is a fundamental shift to a simple, complete approach to making ALL homes more accessible, comfortable and safe.

Become Certified

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Make a difference in your business, your customer's homes and in their lives.


Become part of the solution and make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe, for everyone!

Certification classes are also now available as Virtual-Live Classes. Everyone is live and interactive. Learn and ask questions in real-time, in the comfort of your office or home.

Six 3-hour sessions scheduled over a two week period. Manual and training aids shipped to your home or office.

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Endorsed by the NKBA and CEU PRE-approved for members of these associations.
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