Professional Value of CLIPP™ & HASAC™
CLIPP™ is an acronym for Certified Living In Place Professional™      
HASAC™ is an acronym for Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist™

VisionAll Homes Accessible, Comfortable and Safe.

MissionTo provide information, education and certification necessary to foster interprofessional networks of experts to collaborate all aspects of home accessibility, comfort and safety. To provide training, access and ongoing enhancement of the Home Accessibility & Safety Assessment Checklist™ to identify and make recommendations for accessibility and safety in all homes. So everyone can comfortably - Live In Place!


Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP™) Endorsed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. The course is either a virtual interactive class, delivered in six sessions, or an in-person, two-day session.This training provides professionals with the skills necessary to help make homes accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone. After successful completion of CLIPP training, you will be able to market your services using the CLIPP logo and have access other valuable information.The course includes:

  • Your Role in Home Accessibility and Safety
  • Statistics and Trends of Living In Place
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cognitive Issues of Aging
  • Experiential Lunch (assume a temporary disabillity, then prepare and eat your lunch)
  • Living In Place Designs, Products and Installation
  • Using the Home Accessibility Safety Assessment Checklist (HASAC)
  • How to Sell Your CLIPP Designation and HASAC Services
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The Living In Place Institute is rigorous in qualifying professional candidates for certification and maintaining certification. Click HERE for a chart of the requirements to be certified and use the home assessment app tool.

All CLIPP certified professionals are required to meet specific requirements before taking the course and are required to adhere to specific requirements to maintain their certification.

Candidate Profile
A working professional who recommends, specifies, installs or sells home design and products.
Is licensed and/or certified as required in their respective state, county or municipality in their respective profession, for the duration of their certification, with copies submitted to the Living In Place Institute every time these are renewed. Holds necessary insurance for their profession for the duration of their CLIPP Certification, including:
- General Liability Insurance - For individuals who install or oversee subcontractors who install goods.
- Workers Compensation Insurance - As required by their state, county or municipality, or can supply documentation that the principals of the company have chosen to waive this policy for themselves (but not for their workers).
- All insurance policies are to have the Living In Place Institute named as an additional insured entity. If there is any cost associated with this, it is the responsibility of the Candidate.

Contractors Experience & Background

- Contractors must have a minimum 5 years of verifiable work and/or academic experience.
- Reference letters from at least 5 clients they have worked for within the last 2 years and at least 3 trade reference from the last year.
- Pass a background check.

To be awarded the CLIPP program certification all candidates must:
1. Fully attend all class sessions and meet the above Candidate Profile requirements.
2. Pass a written exam that tests competency in the broad field of Living In Place™.
3. Agree, in writing, to the Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics
1. Hold paramount the welfare of persons you serve professionally.
2. Practice only in your area(s) of competence and maintain high standards.
3. Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
4. Do not engage in any conduct that constitutes a conflict of interest or that adversely reflects on the Living In Place Institute.
5. Broadly expand one’s professional practice.
6. Seek deserved and reasonable compensation for their services.
7. Inform and educate the public on Living In Place practices and systems.
8. Issue public statements in an objective and truthful manner.
9. Comply with the laws and policies that guide professional practice.

#2 Home Assessments

After completion of your training, you will be able to use the Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist (HASAC).™ This dynamic tool is available to only trained professionals who have completed their training to become a Certified Living In Place Professional. The fee is either $30 monthly or $240 annual.  HASAC is a valuable electronic tool (App) for quickly and accurately identifying home accessibility and safety issues and providing recommendations to improve the home. This one-of-a-kind tool helps take out the guesswork of performing assessments and allows you to add photos and notes on each item in your report. Send the report to the client and others you choose.


The CLIPP Training Course is designed to meet specific guidelines for continuing education. Continuing Education Units (CEU) for this course are approved by the:

  • National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) 16 hours
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) 16 hours
  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) 16 hours
  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 16 hours
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA) 16 hours
  • Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) 16 hours
  • Certified Senior Advisors (CSA) 16 hours
  • American Society of Home Inspectors  (ASHI) Certified Living In Place professional course is approved for 16 of ASHI® Continuing Education Credits
  • This course qualifies for CEU requirements for AIA and NAHB/CAPS


The Living In Place Institute is constantly updating the course with new products and installation trends. As a certified CLIPP member, you may request an annual update of your manual (for cost of printing, shipping and handling only).

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