KBIS 2021 – February 9-12
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Join us for a new digital experience. Over four days of product discovery, insightful programming & professional networking.

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Living In Place Institute Presentations / Roundtables
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Each day there will be presentations or roundtables virtually conducted by Living In Place Institute Ambassador experts or by our Manufacturing Education Partners. Each will be 15-20 minutes long followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A.

Topics include:

  • What is the Living In Place Institute
​​Tuesday 11:00 (Toni Sabatino & Erik Listou) / Wednesday 4:00 (Dani Polidor & Erik Listou) / Thursday 10:00 (Toni Sabatino & Erik Listou) / Friday 1:00 (Sheri Gold & Erik Listou) 
  • Selling Projects Without Using the A (Aging) Word
Tuesday 3:00 (Adam Gibson) / Wednesday 10:00 (Maria Stapperfenne) / Thursday 12:00 (Dani Polidor) / Friday 10:00 (LaDonna Eriksen)
  • Important Bathroom Features
Tuesday 5:00 (Julie Schuster) / Wednesday 11:00 (Adam Gibson & Darryl Jones) / Thursday 10:30 (Julie Schuster) / Friday 2:00 (Adam Gibson & Doug Carmichael
  • One Kitchen for Multiple Generations
Tuesday 2:00 (Jennifer Bertrand & Sheri Gold) / Wednesday 1:00 (Toni Sabatino & Karen Smith) / Thursday 11:00 (Alan Zielinski & Shari McPeek)
  • Networking with All Professionals
Wednesday 3:00 (Linda Kafka & Jan Neiges)
  • Kitchen Appliance Essentials
Wednesday 5:00 (Sheri Gold & Alan Zielinski)
  • Using Colors for Living In Place
Tuesday 12:00 (Natalia Pierce & Shari McPeek)
  • Helping Veterans While You Make Money
Wednesday 2:00 (Jennifer Bertrand & Jason Latona)
  • Skills for "Gooder" Communication
Wednesday 12:00 (Erik Listou)
  • Home Monitoring Systems For Mom & Dad… Without Cameras!
Tuesday 1:00 (Ryan Herd & Sabrena McCarley) / Thursday 12:00 (Ryan Herd & Sabrena McCarley)
  • How Smart is Your Home
Tuesday 10:00 (Chris Vives) / Thursday 3:00 (Ryan Herd)
  • Designing a Forever Living In Place Home
Tuesday 4:00 (LaDonna Eriksen) / Thursday 2:00 (LaDonna Eriksen)
  • Kitchen & Bath Ergonomics From An Occupational Therapist and Designer Perspective
Thursday 5:00 (Mary Fisher & Monika Lukasiewizc)

Roundtables will be recorded and available on LIPI website for future viewing. 
Registration is required and participation is limited.

Virtual Tours
No cost

These are pre-recorded tours of Living In Place Institute Recognized Products from our Education Partners.
Each tour will last 30 minutes broken into 4-5 minute segments with individual Education Partners.

30-minute virtual walk-through of key Show Booths and Exhibits.

Space is limited, register early! All times listed are Eastern Time. Click to register. No cost.
  • Tuesday 1:30 - Including stops at Blum, TOTO, Rev-A-Shelf, Control4, Viega
  • Wednesday 10:30 - Including stops at Tresco, MONOGRAM, QuickDrain, Seachrome
  • Thursday 1:30 - Including stops at TOTO, Blum, MONOGRAM, Rev-A-Shelf, QuickDrain
  • Friday 10:30 - including stops at Control4, Caregiver Smart Solutions, Blum, Rev-A-Shelf, 

Louie’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Products
No cost

Louie Delaware, Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute, along with other CLIPP graduates, will host 45-60 second videos on their favorite products, many of which will be featured at KBIS 2021. These will be posted on the Living In Place Institute website, on Instagram and on our KBIS 2021 booth.
More information soon!

Erik’s Top 10 Living In Place Ideas
No cost

Erik Listou, Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute, will host a pre-recorded video of some of the top Living In Place ideas for kitchens and baths. This will be posted on the Living In Place Institute website, on Instagram, and in our KBIS 2021 booth.

​​More information soon!

Beverages & Bewilderment - FREE Cocktail Hour Event
No cost

Beverages & Bewilderment is a 30-45 minute group-participation event to experience and understand some of the challenges many persons experience every day. This event is similar to the group participation class activity in both the CLIPP (Certified Living In Place Professional) and LIPA (Living In Place Associate) training programs.

Enjoy your favorite beverage and snack in the comfort of your home or office, with simulated severe hand and vision challenges.

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021
Start time: 6:15 PM Eastern time Zone
Limited to U.S. residents only.

Sponsored by Blum, space is limited, register early. Click on the picture to register now, or follow this link: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=sqks4zhab&oeidk=a07ehhtpdl81988f730


Voices From The Industry - From the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
Yes, there is a cost - register HERE

Take your career to the next level with the annual Voices from the Industry Conference. The NKBA will be hosting its VFTI Conference virtually during KBIS 2021. This year’s conference will include workshops as well as professional development courses.  VFTI has six categories: Grow Your Business, Kitchen & Bath Specialty Training, Design, Management, Customer Service and newly added Building & Remodeling. New presentations have been added and many of our top-rated speakers return with fresh content.

Voices From The Industry Presentations by CLIPP™ Graduates:
  • Impact of Lighting & Color for All Ages – Maria Stapperfenne & Natalia Pierce.
  • Color’s Influence in Our Lives – Paula Kennedy
  • Designing a Healthy Home – Adam Gibson
  • Lighting That Works – Doug Walter
  • Smart Technology for All Living In Place Clients – Toni Sabatino & Ryan Herd.
  • Accessible Luxury Throughout a Lifetime – Dani Polidor, Ebony Stephenson, Louie Delaware & Ryan Herd
  • Selling to Design by NOT Designing to Sell – Jan Neiges
Click this link for more information and to register: https://kbis.com/conference/voices-from-the-industry-conference/

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