About Living In Place Institute

The Vision of the Living In Place Institute is, "All Homes Accessible, Comfortable and Safe."

Our mission, or how we plan to acheive the Vision, is to provide education and awareness about home designs and products that improve home accessibility, comfort and safety.

We can neither know or control who enters any home. Therefore, we must improve conditions in every home, regardless of the occupants current or future needs or age.

Therefore, we focus on every home. If every home modification or building embraced and practice the principles of Living In Place.

Our flagship education is the, "Certified Living In Place Professional" (CLIPP). This intensive 16 hour program teaches:

  • Creating an Interprofessional Network of Experts and Your Role as Project Leader
  • Statistics & Trends for the Living In Place Market
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical & Cognitive Issues for Individuals of All Ages
  • Experiential Meal - Prepare and Eat Your Own Meal With a Disability 
  • How to Conduct a Home Accessibility with a Standardized Checklist
  • How to Sell Your CLIPP Certification & HASAC Services
  • Compliance with the CLIPP Program and Trademarks
  • Course Review & Examination

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